Charger Alarms and Other Options

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YOU CAN INSTALL a "bare bones" charger at your site, and it will take care of your battery just fine. However, for some applications, you may need a charger that has additional features. Chargers can do more than simply charger a battery. Options are available that enable the charger to monitor its own performance or the characteristics of the dc bus, and transmit exceptions data using isolated relay contacts, or within a SCADA systems, or even across the internet to a remote monitoring site. 

This section describes various alarm circuits and options. It will help you understand how alarms work, and which alarms make sense for your site and application. Examples are given from one manufacturer, HindlePower, for simplicity but you can apply the principles discussed when considering these options for any manufacturer's products. 

First, we should explain how alarm relay contacts are identified in wiring and schematic diagrams. 



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