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HindlePower Inc. is a manufacturer of DC part components primarily for the utility industry. We manufacture Battery Chargers, Monitoring Devices, Trailers, Consoles, And Distribution Panels. Wherever you are, you will find our products.

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PIP Spec Presentation

PIP – Petroleum Industry Practices provides specifications that are universally used throughout various industries including the obvious, petroleum industry. We have seen this spec applied to equipment used by many allied industries, too. This presentation is provided to illustrate the unique requirements of this specification and how to best apply the ATevo to these applications.

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The newly evolved AT

Much more than a battery charger, but still the AT product we know and love. Click the link below for everything you need to know about the ATevo series battery charger.

ATevo Series Battery Charger

IEEE 2405 Press Release

IEEE Standard for the Design of Chargers Used in Stationary Battery Applications.

Utility battery chargers for stationary battery installations are critical to maximize battery life while supporting the continuous loads on the dc system. This new standard is applicable to battery chargers used for stationary applications. It is written to serve as a bridge between the utility application engineer and the charger manufacturer.

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¿habla español?

ATevo manual now available in Spanish

The days of keeping your owners manual in a safe clean space are over. You can now download and print your ATevo owners manual in English or Spanish here.

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