EPIC Enclosures & Trailers

HindlePower's turnkey system level solution to your DC Power application needs. 


HindlePower’s battery enclosures and trailers are engineered systems the user can build upon and customize to meet their utilities’ specific needs.

The HindlePower Battery Cabinet is an outdoor enclosure with a primary intent to hold batteries and protect them from the elements. The user can build upon this by adding chargers, DC distribution equipment, HAVC, seismic bracing, spill containment and so on. Custom requirements beyond our standard options can be integrated through collaboration with the EPIC Systems design and manufacturing team. 

Need more than a cabinet?  The HindlePower Battery House will likely take care of your needs.  Essentially a walk in Battery Cabinet, the Battery House allows for larger batteries, more equipment, and the user to enter inside the enclosure.  This system starts with basics as well.  Two personnel doors, ventilation, and battery racking.  The same options from the Battery Cabinet can be added to the Battery House as well but is more suited for larger batteries and more complex DC systems.

The HindlePower Battery Trailer is just that, a mobile DC power system containing a battery bank ready for maintenance or emergency battery backup.  Just like the rest of the EPIC Series, the Battery Trailer starts with basic features and allows for the addition of standard options and custom design. 


Cabinets & Trailers

EPIC Series Battery Cabinet Battery cabinets for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Complete, multi-purpose indoor and outdoor DC Power Systems for integrating battery, charger, distribution and dc system monitoring
  • Fully climate controlled options and seismic zone 4 certified
  • Equipped with patented Hindle Health System self-diagnostics technology
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Mobile DC Power Trailer DC power system in a mobile enclosure

  • Fully integrated, ready to use dc power system enclosed in rugged, utility-grade trailer
  • Custom designed and constructed to meet your specific requirements
  • Intended use as a mobile back-up DC power system for Battery and DC System Maintenance & Testing
  • Intended use as a mobile back-up DC power system for Disaster Recovery / Black-start
  • Intended use as a mobile back-up DC power system for DC Power Redundancy for Critical Loads
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Battery House System level DC power system all in one house

  • NEMA 3R Enclosure
  • Fully Walk-in Style
  • Foam Insulated Panels
  • Seismic Rated
  • Built-in Intellegence
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