Companion Products

Companion Products

ATevo Companion Product HindleHealth+

  • HindleHealth+ provides continuous open battery monitoring & Ah capacity remaining
  • Works with both Lead Acid and NiCad Batteries
  • Includes Temperature Compensation
  • Easily mounts to battery rack or wall
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Best Battery Selector Steering Diode Assembly

  • Steering diode interconnection device to provide battery/charger protection and redundancy where two dc power sources are connected to facility loads
  • Automatic operation with no mechanical switching or operator intervention
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DC Control Panel CSA/UL- NRTL DC Control Panel

  • • Rated for 100 to 250 amps DC
  • • Branch circuit breakers rated 10kAIC (optional 20kAIC) at 250Vdc
  • • NEMA 1 (IP10), 3R (IP14), 5 (IP52), 12 (IP52) Enclosure Types
  • • CSA Approved for DC operation
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Trailer Connection Panel Standard DC Trailer Connection Point

  • Outdoor (NEMA 3R) rated panel to provide common substation connection point for our Mobile DC Power System/Trailer
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DC Disconnect Systems Disconnect Switch

  • Battery isolation devices available in both fused and unfused configurations
  • DC current ratings from 30 - 1200 amps
  • Ideal for use in battery connection repair, load testing or battery replacement
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