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Our 30 minute webinars cover a variety of topics including battery charger application, product overviews, charger sizing, battery sizing and industry standards/specifications such as NERC PRC-005 and NEMA PE-5. Access our webinars from your desktop or mobile device.

BRUNO DC System Watchdog

This is your chance to learn how the BRUNO DC System Watchdog proactively ensures complete DC system reliability. The BRUNO DC System Watchdog keeps watch over entire DC system not just the battery! Using a unique modular approach coupled with HindlePower Advanced Technology the BRUNO DC System Watchdog is designed to be intelligent, informative and easy to use.

  • Watches over the entire DC System (Not just the battery!)
  • Uses a unique modular approach for ease of use
  • Save time and training with pre-programming from the manufacturer
  • Minimal Technical Training Required
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Past Webinar

Circuit Breaker AIC Ratings

What is circuit breaker interrupting capability and how do I address this requirement in typical DC utility systems? Most specifiers tend to request battery charger circuit breakers with AIC ratings that may exceed actual requirements. This presentation is designed to provide the information and references needed to ensure that the proper AIC rating is applied, and what the criteria for those requirements are. We will further discuss the relevant terminology and devices, and how they impact the design and cost.

  • We will be using GoToWebinar
  • You can join our session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device.
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Past Webinar

The Future of Battery Storage: A Look Inside The Epic Console 2.0

This is your chance to learn how the Epic Console 2.0 takes compact battery enclosure to a new level.

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Wed, Oct 10 - 11:00AM

Intelligent Switchboard Introduction and Overview

The EPIC Intelligent DC Switchboard was designed to simplify DC system management and increase reliability. Combining our BRUNO DC System Watchdog with load board distribution brings to market a switchboard specifically tailored to the needs of the utility DC power system. Record and monitor battery health, discharge events, ground detection, and receive reporting for data analysis. DC System Confidence, Assured!