Operational Guidelines


Our unique culture permits HindlePower to re-invent itself when necessary, keeping us constantly ahead of industry demands.  Most of all, it lets us enjoy what we do every day.  The friendly atmosphere and camaraderie that makes the HindlePower experience happen is something we cherish.  We cooperate and work by a set of Operational Guidelines which are posted in many areas of our facility, reminding us of who we are and what we are attempting to do here in Easton.  To familiarize one's self with the caliber of people at HindlePower, please take a few seconds to review how we like to do business.

How we like to do business

1. Mutual trust and respect for all

2. Any decision can be challenged

3. Consensus rules

4. We are a select team, continuously improving, playing to win

5. It is one's choice to work here, employment is a voluntary agreement
for both sides

6. Have compassion for your coworkers

7. Be passionate in what you do, take pride in your work, maintain forward motion

8. Be willing to put your job on the line for what you believe in

9. Don't cheat, don't steal, don't lie

10. Have fun


William A. Hindle

HindlePower, Inc.