The quality system at HindlePower strives to ensure product quality that conforms to customer requirements, attempts to surpass customer expectations, and is aligned with the corporate goals. These goals will be accomplished through a continuous improvement environment and realized through vigorous training and mutual respect of all internal and external customers.

We take every precaution to ensure the battery charger that you order arrives to you in tact and functions right out of the box. Each battery charger goes through an inspection and test plan that includes visual inspections during the manufacturing process, thorough electrical tests per NEMA PE-5 1985 (SCR/SCRF Series) or NEMA PE-5 1996 (AT Series) and a final inspection before packaging. During the manufacturing process anyone can stop production if the unit does not meet their personal satisfaction. Quality is stressed in every aspect of the modus operandi.

Currently the quality system is not structured to any standard. Our management stresses that each individual has the ability to reject work they deem as unsatisfactory. The quality department is currently in the planning stage of conforming and registering to the ISO 9001:2000 quality specifications. Management has a commitment to provide the highest level of quality to our OEMs and their distributors has embraced this decision.

For your reference, we have made available online our Standard Warranty (JF5001-00) for all our utility battery chargers (new product).

If you have any further quality concerns please contact:

Nick Dzomic (Quality Manager)
610.330.9000 - ext. 229

HindlePower Inc