Product Specifications

For your reference, we have made available a number of our specifications, allowing a better understanding of the application, approval and manufacturing of HindlePower utility battery chargers.  We have supplied these documents in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for universal online viewing and printing.  Where applicable, we have also supplied several of these specifications in Microsoft Word (DOC) format, for cutting and pasting text into users' system specifications.  HindlePower, Inc. is not obligated to meet any of the following specifications if they have been altered from their original configuration in any way.  We will however, continue to work as hard as possible to meet our customers' needs, even when they exceed the scope of our standard product lines.

Adobe Acrobat
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Microsoft Word
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Product Specifications

AT10.1 Single-Phase Microprocessor Battery Charger PDF file JF5029-00 PDF file JF5029-00
AT30 Three-Phase Microprocessor Battery Charger PDF file JF5036-00 PDF file JF5036-00
AT-DC Supplemental Distribution Station PDF file JF5033-00 PDF file JF5033-00
AT Series Battery Charger Communications Module coming soon... coming soon...
SCR/SCRF Series Float Battery Charger PDF file JF5028-00 PDF file JF5028-00
Universal Maintenance Charger (UMC) coming soon... coming soon...
Single Cell Portable Battery Charger coming soon... coming soon...
3rd Party Agency Approvals
AT Series Microprocessor Battery Charger (updated) PDF file JF5039-00 n/a
SCR/SCRF Series Float Battery Charger (updated) PDF file JF5040-00 n/a
Quality Specifications
General Terms And Conditions Of Sale PDF file DF5001-00 n/a
Standard Warranty PDF file JF5001-00 n/a
Construction Detail Specifications
Enclosure Paint Finish (supercedes old CB0008-00) PDF file CB5046-00 PDF file CB5046-00
Special Wiring PDF file CB0002-00 PDF file CB0002-00
Domestic Packaging PDF file FS0003-00 PDF file FS0003-00
Fungus Proofing PDF file CA0004-00 PDF file CA0004-00

If you have any further product specification concerns please contact:

Gary Guagliardi (Director of Sales and Marketing)
610.330.9000 - ext. 223


Nick Dzomic (Quality Manager)
610.330.9000 - ext. 229


Matt Theriault (Product Specialist)
610.330.9000 - ext. 214

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