Lead Times

In addition to special products and services, HindlePower is committed to providing the shortest possible lead times for all our products. We continue to receive hot-rush orders to replace battery chargers in emergency situations.  HindlePower is keenly aware that industry expectations for suppliers have changed, perhaps permanently, due to natural disasters, deregulation and tight budgets.  Rather than fall behind to competition, we have lead the way by changing the way we operate to meet these new challenges.  Short lead times on new orders, and moreover, timely delivery of battery charger products on site is of vital importance to the critical start-up procedures required by our customers.

HindlePower is dedicated to maintaining our unprecedented level of on-time delivery of all product and short lead times on hot rush orders.  Our purchasing department has increased inventory so we may continue to produce and ship these orders on time.  We believe our industry now sees HindlePower as the only company to turn to when they have extraordinary demands, be it customized charger design, specific services, or short delivery dates.

For current product delivery dates please contact:

Kathy Boettger (Customer Service Representative)
610.330.9000 - ext. 221


Janet Dougherty (Customer Service Representative)
610.330.9000 - ext. 219

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