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Research and Development
Embedded Software Engineer


Job Description:

Here’s where you come in…

HindlePower is seeking an embedded firmware engineer, experience may range from 1-10 years using C in embedded environment applications. The position requires a strong commitment to quality and will have responsibilities for products in both R&D and production.

Had you been with us last month, you would have…

  • Participated in technical design reviews of new product development.
  • Contributed technical feature ideas that promote our marketing plans.
  • Wrote and debugged ‘C’ code to implement in new product.
  • Tested new code in our prototype lab.
  • Researched new developments in our industry
  • Attended trade shows that featured new technologies relevant to our industry with the intention of incorporating new technologies in our product development.

Desired Experience:

  • Embedded systems design with preemptive, multitasking real-time operating systems.
  • Hands on experience with FreeRTOS a plus
  • ARM microcontroller platforms
  • Hands-on development and troubleshooting on an embedded target using JTAG debugger, oscilloscope, meter, and other test equipment
  • Writing serial drivers for TCP / IP, SPI, I2C and USB, as well as designing message protocols
  • Accustomed to writing code in a collaborative environment including:
    • Writing reusable code
    • Source control
    • Bug tracking
    • Peer design review

What we do:

HindlePower has been designing and manufacturing industrial (non-commercial) battery chargers and dc power systems for the utility industry for over 35 years. Our staff and products serve the power generation and distribution market, switchgear OEMs, power substations, the oil & gas industry, and various transportation maintenance facilities.

Our products range in power level from one to 150 kW, and feature both single phase and three phase inputs. Our main product line (AT10.1 / AT30) currently utilizes Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) conversion techniques at 50/60 Hz, with microprocessors performing all control, instrumentation, and diagnostic functions. We also manufacture and support adjacent product lines that are variations on the same theme.

A few things about us:

We were founded in 2000 from Hitran Corporation, and have experienced double-digit growth every year since. We don’t focus on growth but rather the components and company attributes that please our employees. We find when you take care of your people, they’ll take care of your customers, and everyone wins. We’re a company focused on moving ahead, making constant small changes that enable us to continually innovate the way we do business. We’re the market leaders in our industry and have worked hard to get here.

Our appealing work environment includes highly competent co-workers, competitive pay, engaging work, flexible dress code, full health, vision, and dental benefits, 401k with employer match, and a gain sharing program. We have locker rooms and regularly exercise at lunch. We work hard, have fun, and constantly strive to always get better. Innovation in our company comes from everywhere. We are a flat organization with little to no management, we trust our employees to understand how to best do their jobs and best contribute to the organization. There are a lot of things you’ll learn about our culture, but the most important for any new comer is that we have a culture of accountability and self-initiative.

We have unusually high expectations of our people. Here are some characteristics that we value in in each other…

  • Initiative…you see it, you do it
  • Ownership…I’ve got it, you don’t need to think about it
  • Integrity…decisions are based from our values as human beings
  • Attitude…anything can be done
  • Virtue…honesty, good deeds, giving, kindness, and appreciation
  • Team work…we before I

Please provide a cover letter and salary requirements along with your resume:
Research and Development
Embedded Software Engineer




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