Mobile DC Power System


  • road-capable trailer for Switchgear and Substation battery service

  • designed and manufactured to YOUR particular specification

  • supplied with rack or floor-mounted AT10.1, AT30 or SCR/SCRF chargers

  • full variety of ac/dc power accessories and work site equipment

  • essential utility equipment for emergency on-site battery backup

  • optional load bank available for on-site battery testing

  • delivered fully integrated, ready for use

HindlePower Dc Trailer with patented hip roof design
Mobile DC Power System Sales Brochure PDF file JF5041-00
3D Model - Video - MOBILE DC POWER SYSTEM Video

Going beyond manufacturing merely battery chargers, HindlePower continues to evolve by offering custom engineered products such as our new mobile dc power systems.

Utility power outages are unpredictable and require immediate response when these interruptions occur.  The ability to respond quickly with a reliable backup dc power source is crucial to restoring a commercial utility.  To that end, HindlePower is pleased to offer our Mobile DC Power System.  These trailers are equipped with a complete mobile dc power system, custom engineered and outfitted to meet your specific requirements.  Trailer construction is of course DOT-approved.  HindlePower offers both lower-profile systems, accessible from outside panels, and even larger walk-in mobile facilities with user work stations.

The Mobile DC Power System is often equipped with battery chargers, batteries, battery & ac power cable reels, internal or external transfer switches, ac & dc power distribution, and even a diesel-powered backup ac generator if needed.  These systems are also offered with additional options such as battery spill containment, eye wash stations, internal baseboard heating, venting and cooling fans, air conditioning, interior lighting, standard GFI outlets, and exterior power receptacles.

Please refer to our product brochure JF5041-00, highlighting the Mobile DC Power System features and our overall capabilities.  For pricing on YOUR Mobile DC Power System, we ask that you submit a detaled specification and request for quote (RFQ).  HindlePower is very excited to offer this total system package and look forward to working with you on new sales opportunities.

To find out more about these systems including other dc power products we offer, please contact Gary Guagliardi, Director Sales & Marketing.


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