Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is not just a “buzz” word at HindlePower. We have been defining and redefining our culture in an effort to place our customer at the top of our list of priorities. Our work groups are continually asking themselves “why do we do this step in the process” and “how can we do it better” in an effort to reduce any part of the process that doesn’t carry a benefit to you, our customer.

We have created a new committee dedicated to addressing reoccurring problems and finding new and better ways to manufacture our products in an effort to make our product more reliable and user-friendly. The committee attempts to meet on a weekly basis or as the need arises and is chartered to cover items such as corrective action, preventative action, process improvements, or customer complaints. The committee’s mission is to serve the needs of our customer.

The HindlePower CIT Committee has recently completed one project that utilized the customer’s recommendations to reduce shipping damage to components available on the I/O panel of the AT10.1 Group 1 charger. A letter to the customer was sent as a follow-up, thanking him for his recommendation. The customer pleasantly received this letter and thanked the committee with these kind words:

“I am proud to be associated with a company who not only listens to their customer, but acts on their ideas."

This is the essence of what the HindlePower CIT Committee strives for. How may we be of service to you?

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