Battery Charger Basics
prepared by Art Salander - Business Development, Applications Engineering

During Battcon 2009® I presented a paper covering the most common question I am asked...

How do I size a battery charger?

This question is so common that years ago I had the formula pre-printed onto the obverse side of all of my business cards so I did not have to keep writing it there.  Credit for the inspiration to print the formula on my card goes to the late Rick Johnson who had an illustrious career at GE Power Systems.

The purpose of the presentation is to ensure that certain basics are understood by anyone desiring to provide a battery charger for a typical utility application.  Such applications would include, but not be limited to switchgear, substation, engine start, microwave and other related applications.

On Wednesday morning, on the last day of Battcon 2009® we had a very respectable showing for the paper and it was very well received.  I presented on a panel with three other participants and I received the most attention in terms of comments and questions from the audience.  I was told that my presentation was a huge success and I received many compliments.

Since this information is useful to all of our customers we have posted online both the paper [JF5045-00] and the PowerPoint presentation [ASBattcon2009.ppt] for your use.  And, if you ask me...I might just repeat the performance for you and our customers.  This can be done either remotely or in person.

There will be another paper at Battcon 2010 next year.  If you have any topic suggestions for me, please let me know.  Thanks and...

Best regards,

Art Salander
Business Development, Applications Engineering
631.462.2739 (home office)
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To further aide our customers in having a better understanding of HindlePower battery charger operation, adjustment and repair, we have created a helpful guide, which we call our "Battery Charger Basics".  Please feel free to download this document (JF5013-00) for your reference.

If you have any further concerns regarding our "Battery Charger Basics" please contact:

Matt Theriault (Product Specialist)
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Gary Guagliardi (Director of Sales and Marketing)
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